Our Top 10 Tips for your garden machinery.

1) Oil – Check you oil level. Without a doubt the most important thing to remember at the beginning of the season and again every few weeks thereafter. Low or no oil is the most frequent culprit for engine failure!

2) Sharpen, sharpen, sharpen!!! You would not expect your kitchen knives to cut when blunt, and the same goes for your garden tools and machinery.

3) Service regularly. Proper servicing will have your machines running like new. Look after your investment and your garden machinery will give you years of faithful service.

4) Beware of cheap copies!!! Sure, that chainsaw on eBay is tempting for under £100, or the DIY store special offer mower seems too good to be true, but when something goes wrong with your “bargain” purchase, we can almost guarantee that parts to repair it are not available. Put simply – It’s false economy. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but for the sake of an extra few pounds, buying a reputable brand will ensure that when something goes wrong, a repair is possible.

5) Cover your machines where possible. In the garden shed or garage is great. If your ride on/tractor mower must be housed outside, invest in an inexpensive shelter or at the very least a tarpaulin. Keeping your machinery away from the elements will extend life.

6) Clean your machinery. A mower blade clogged up with grass from previous cuts won’t perform as well as one free of debris.

7) Drain your fuel after the season. Lots of machinery fails to start in the spring if left over winter with fuel in the tanks that has gone stale.

8) Never cut saturated grass! It blunts blades, makes engines labour and will shorten the life you your mower. If you really need to cut the grass when wet, set your blades to the highest possible setting to just trim the top.

9) Listen to your engines. If it’s labouring, spluttering or generally making a funny or unusual noise, get it checked out! Chances are you can avoid a costly engine replacement if you nip it in the bud quickly.

And finally…

10) If in doubt, then give us a shout! Tinkering with garden machinery can be dangerous business so it’s often better left to the experts. Having your machinery professionally cared for is not expensive and may save you from a nasty injury!

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